Back in the Saddle!

It has been far too long since we’ve updated this blog!

The last post here was in mid-September. Shortly after that, our blog maintenance got derailed by several things. Jason had a perfect storm of projects at work, including the development of two new courses. He also had surgery in October. Then he had to spend a lot of time contributing to a book project for a major academic publisher. But the biggest thing that diverted our energies from this blog was the birth of Son #6.

Son #6 at four days old

Son #6 at four days old

New babies always disrupt routines, but this one seemed to do so more than the others. We’re only just now starting to get back in control of our schedules once again.

Our traveling didn’t stop over the last five months, even with the new baby. Since September, we’ve made the following excursions:

1. Nashville, TN, for Thanksgiving with family

2. Destin, FL, (dragging just one kid) for five days right after the fall semester ended

3. Searcy, AR, for Christmas with Jason’s parents and siblings

4. Texarkana, TX, for New Year’s with Vickie’s parents and siblings

5. Albuquerque, NM, (dragging just one kid) for a conference

After returning home in early January, we settled in for several weeks to get the spring semester under control. Now, though, we’re gearing up for some new travels, and it’s time to get this site working again. Check back regularly for more material!

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