Budgeting for a Weekend Trip to Birmingham


Piles Of Money by Talia Felix

Can a family of seven have a weekend getaway to a mid-sized American city without breaking the bank?

We are planning a trip to Birmingham, AL, to take advantage of a three-day weekend Jason has coming up. (There are things to do in Birmingham, really! You’ll see.)

This is not a trip we’ve been saving up for. In fact, we just decided to do it about a week ago. So we have no big pile of cash lying around labeled “Birmingham trip.” Obviously, we’d like to keep our expenses to a minimum.

Here’s my estimate of the damage this trip will do:

Lodging: $400
Gasoline: $60
Food: $75*
Attractions: $200

*Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure we’ll eat more than $75 worth of food, but I’m figuring on this being the difference in price between going on the trip and eating at home over the same period.

So we’re looking at almost $750 for this little jaunt, assuming I’m not leaving anything out.

We’re planning to stay in a cabin at a state park and cook most of our meals in the kitchen there. That’s the main thing keeping the food cost down.

I’ve also budgeted money for four Birmingham-area attractions we’re interested in seeing. We’ll have to pay at least five admission prices at each one. Ouch! We also have a couple of free attractions on our radar that we may end up visiting.

It looks to me that this is about the best we can do unless we sleep in a tent or forego attractions while we’re up there. Anyone out there have any bright ideas? I’m all ears.

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  1. Untemplater says:

    That’s an impressive budget for 7 people! I’ve never been to Birmingham but that sounds like a really fun getaway weekend. Nice job getting all of your family together!

    • Dr. Jewell says:

      Thanks! We caught a couple of breaks. The occupancy limit of the cabin is six people, but Son #5 is too young to count against that. Plus sons #4 and #5 won’t be charged admission at most of the attractions we visit.

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