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Two Weeks in Virginia without Breaking the Bank?

It’s that time of year: Spring Break, when students and families all over the country head for the beach or for Disney. Even though I’m a university professor and our kids are home schooled, most years we haven’t done any traveling around spring break. The major reason is that I have usually taught at least […]


Do You Budget Extra When There’s a Casino on Your Route?

It’s not often that you get to witness observances for the bicentennial of an important event, but this weekend we have an opportunity to do just that at Fort Mims, AL, where on August 30, 1813, Red Stick Indians killed 250 settlers, kicking off the Red Stick War. We decided to take an overnight trip […]


Budgeting for a Weekend Trip to Birmingham

Can a family of seven have a weekend getaway to a mid-sized American city without breaking the bank? We are planning a trip to Birmingham, AL, to take advantage of a three-day weekend Jason has coming up. (There are things to do in Birmingham, really! You’ll see.) This is not a trip we’ve been saving […]