WARNING: Standup Comics Scare Babies

Where: King’s Castle Theater; Wyndham Branson at the Meadows

Who: Jason, Vickie, Son #6

When: July 2, 2014

DSC_0876July 2 was a busy day for us. In the morning we went to a show called “Dublin’s Irish Tenors and Celtic Ladies” at the King’s Castle Theater on Highway 76 in Branson. Compared to the other two shows we’d seen earlier in the week, this one was a low-key (and less expensive) production consisting of performances of traditional and popular songs from several genres. We were expecting mostly renditions of Irish and Scottish songs, but those comprised maybe one-third of the show. The two ensembles sang with backup instrumental tracks. They alternated throughout the show, occasionally sharing the stage for a big number.

One surprise was the performance of several operatic numbers. The female ensemble had a classically trained soprano who sang “Nessun Dorma” and a couple other familiar arias. Both ensembles sang “Funiculi Funicula” together. Probably the highlight of the show for me was the closing scene of the first half. It was staged as a pub singalong and was quite energetic. Photography during the show was prohibited, but I took a picture of the receiving line afterwards.

Our other big event of the day was a “Dinner with the Stars” at one of the Wyndham properties. For $15 each we got a buffet dinner in the resort’s activity center, followed by about an hour of standup comedy from a guy named Joey ILO. His show was billed as family-friendly and totally clean, so we decided to give it a shot. We must have been some of the first people to purchase tickets for the event because we were placed on the center of the front row of tables, about five feet away from the act.

DSC_0880The comic’s very first joke involved the various noises alarms in your house make. He started off making beeping noises for the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. The beeps got Son #6 interested, and he started leaning over to see around Jason, trying to get a look at the source of the sounds. Then the comic imitated a dryer alarm at the top of his lungs and (inadvertently) scared Son #6 to death. He started crying at the top of his lungs, and the comic had to stop the show momentarily so Vickie could take him out and calm him down.

After that inauspicious beginning, the act settled down and was quite funny. Afterwards we got a picture with him, and he apologized profusely for scaring Son #6. You can tell Son #6 still doesn’t know quite what to think of him at this point.

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