Do You Budget Extra When There’s a Casino on Your Route?

Piles Of Money by Talia Felix

Piles Of Money by Talia Felix

It’s not often that you get to witness observances for the bicentennial of an important event, but this weekend we have an opportunity to do just that at Fort Mims, AL, where on August 30, 1813, Red Stick Indians killed 250 settlers, kicking off the Red Stick War. We decided to take an overnight trip for this event on less than one week’s notice; in fact, we didn’t even know about it until four days ago. So now I need to figure out what sort of damage our household finances will sustain.

One day before we leave, here’s my best guess:

Lodging: $250
Gasoline: $75
Food: $150
Attractions: $0

We’ve already made hotel reservations, which are always pricy when your family is large enough to require two rooms. The food line is much higher than it normally would be for such a short trip, but I’m expecting a supper tab tomorrow of over $100 at the casino restaurant we’re considering. (In my defense, it’s a “surf and turf” buffet. Also, notice that I did not include a “gaming” line in the plan.) The saving grace of this budget is that the events at Fort Mims are free, although I’m sure we’ll probably end up dropping a few dollars on concessions.

Now that I look at it, $475 doesn’t seem too bad for a total bill. We spent a little more than that on an overnight trip to Mobile two or three years ago when there were fewer of us. So I press forward with salved conscience, ready for a great family outing this weekend!

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