Packing Race: Son #3 vs. Son #4

Sons #3-4 were feeling left out of things here on the blog after Sons #1-2 wrote a post recently, so we wanted to give them a chance to shine. Here they are competing for the title of House Packing Champion before our recent overnight trip to Fort Mims.


I don’t know if it was because of the race, but both of these boys ended up forgetting to pack something they needed or wanted. Next time we’ll use a checklist.

This is the first video we have ever uploaded to YouTube or edited with iMovie. As you can see, we have a learning curve ahead of us, not only with software but also with controlling the conditions of the shoot. You can see Son #5 (age 1) trying to interrupt the proceedings about halfway through and voicing his displeasure when Daddy removed him from the scene. But maybe someday we’ll be real videographers.

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  1. That was really fun to watch! Even though I’ve backpacked for over 4 years, I’m still terrible at packing and I often leave things behind.

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