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The Largest Cast Iron Statue in the World

Where: Statue of Vulcan (Birmingham, AL) Who: The Whole Clan When: March 17, 2013 Nothing says “Irish” like a giant statue of a Roman god, so on St. Patrick’s Day we visited the Vulcan Park and Museum in Birmingham. I had seen the statue from I-65 dozens of times over the years, but this was […]


Oak Mountain State Park: The Trails

Where: Oak Mountain State Park (Pelham, AL) Who: The Whole Clan When: March 15-18, 2013 Oak Mountain State Park is a big place. According to the official website, it covers nearly 10,000 acres. It also contains about 50 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. People from all over Alabama go to the park to […]


Budgeting for a Weekend Trip to Birmingham

Can a family of seven have a weekend getaway to a mid-sized American city without breaking the bank? We are planning a trip to Birmingham, AL, to take advantage of a three-day weekend Jason has coming up. (There are things to do in Birmingham, really! You’ll see.) This is not a trip we’ve been saving […]