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Dragging Kids above the Treeline

Where: Hoosier Pass Who: The Whole Clan plus Pawpaw When: July 10, 2014 In my Boy Scout days, hiking miles through the wilderness with 50 pounds on my back was no big deal. Fast-forward 25 years and put me at 12,000 feet above sea level, and it’s a different story. We knew we’d have to […]


Relaxing at 9.600 Feet

Where: Breckenridge, CO Who: The Whole Clan plus Mimi and PawPaw When: July 7-12, 2014 I never thought I’d get chilly in July, but Summit County, Colorado, opened up new possibilities for me. Thanks to the “bonus points” we got when we bought into Hilton’s timeshare network last year, we were able to spend five […]