The Garden of the Gods

Where: Colorado Spring, CO

Who: The Whole Clan plus Mimi and Pawpaw

When: July 7, 2014

Pike’s Peak is pretty stunning, whether you’re first catching sight of it as you drive toward Colorado Springs from Limon, CO, or drinking it in from the balcony of the Garden of the Gods state park. We got to do both!

We spent one night in Colorado Springs with Jason’s brother-in-law and sister, who have lived there for several years. It was a nice time to catch up because they hadn’t made it to last year’s annual family Christmas gathering. This was their first time to meet Son #6, and Sons #1-5 had all grown significantly since their last meeting with their aunt and uncle. We managed to take some nice pictures in their front yard, like this one of Sons #1-5.


After saying good-bye to the locals, we took a quick detour to the Garden of the Gods state park on the edge of Colorado Springs. Because we had a full itinerary in front of us that day, we did not actually do the driving tour to see the interesting rock formations close up. We had to settle for views from the visitor center, which weren’t too shabby.



After a short stop there, we pushed on to Denver so Mimi and Pawpaw could spend a little time with a great-nephew who is living at a boys’ ranch there. Then it was into the Rockies!

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