The Kids’ View: Forts and Casinos

[Today Sons #1 (10) and #2 (8) give their reactions to our recent weekend trip to Atmore and Fort Mims. It’s remarkable how much they prove willing to write when doing so gets them a day off from their regular writing homework!]

Son #1:

We had a fun trip to Fort Mims.

We stayed in a hotel close to a casino in Atmore. We got to go there and eat the Surf and Turf buffet. I don’t usually use exclamation points, but it was big!! It had several parts including seafood, soups, salad, and over a dozen desserts. William and I got some strawberries and dipped them in the big chocolate fountain. It was yummy! Of course, Daddy didn’t bring any money for the game machines.

When we got to Fort Mims, we had to park a long way away thus giving us a 15-minute walk to the entrance. When we arrived at the entrance, they gave us some fans (the kind that you wave in front of your face, not a mechanical one) that really helped us to cope with the heat. It was 95 degrees out there! After that, we explored a little. There was a tent where a woman was playing an Indian flute, and another where a blacksmith was making a cross. We then watched the reenactment of the battle before Fort Mims. The guns were really loud! It sounded like there were a million tiny bombs going off, and it smelled like everyone there was smoking.The Indians eventually won after a long battle.

We walked around the fort and came to a place where they sold food. We bought some chicken and dumplings. It was good. We decided it was too hot and walked back to the van. William, however, decided to hop on one of the many horse-drawn carriages with Mommy. After we got in the car we stopped at the grave of one of the men who fought at Fort Mims. We stopped to eat at a café and I had shrimp.

It was a fun trip going to the 200th anniversary of Fort Mims. I hope that we can go somewhere else exciting soon. Bye!


Son #2:

This time we went to a hotel next to a casino. We got to have supper at the casino, and BOY! what a supper! I got to discover how good crab legs are. We had a very, very big supper. But even better, there were dozens of desserts to choose from! Before we went to sleep, we got to watch The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also, before we ate breakfast, we got to watch Curious George. We ate a lot for breakfast, just like we did the night before. I had a waffle with syrup and apple juice, and Son #5 ate a lot of yogurt.

At Fort Mims, we got to watch a live-action show about settlers and Indians fighting. At first, the settlers drove the Indians back, but then the Indians returned and drove the settlers away. Also, we had chicken and dumplings for lunch, and we really liked them. We saw enormous birdhouses that were very expensive. One was $60! Wow! There were fans that you could, if you got hot, use to fan yourself. It was VERY HOT that day. It felt like we were in the desert. Luckily, I had one of the fans. We stopped at a table and listened to a band. We liked the music. We also bought some soda cans. Also, it was the 200th anniversary of the battle! On the way back, my mom and and I rode on a horse-drawn carriage to our van, but everyone else walked.

We stopped at a café to eat, after we went to a famous person’s grave. With this person there was his mother’s grave. In the van that day, I read the book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. We had a fun, hot day. I hope you have a fun day when you go to Fort Mims! Have lots of fun! I hope you will have a very fun day!

I like to read in crazy ways.

I like to read in crazy ways.

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  1. Untemplater says:

    That’s neat you got to see those forts with your kids. There are a few forts where I am that still have the old lookouts onto the water where the cannons would sit and shoot from (I forget the terminology). Cute pic of your son reading.

    • Dr. Jewell says:

      There are several forts on the eastern seaboard that are well preserved and worth visiting. Some have National Historic Site status. Hopefully we’ll get to take the kids to some of those one day. Fort Mims was a modest operation but still fun to visit.

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