The Kids’ View: Horseshoe Bend

[Today we introduce the Kids Corner category of our website. Here you will find our children’s observations on our travels, their homeschool activities, and life in general. In this post, Son #1 (age 10) and Son #2 (age 8) share their recollections of last weekend’s trip to Horseshoe Bend. Please note that although the posts below are brief, they are the product of much painful cogitation and editing on the part of Sons #1-2, for whom writing does not come naturally. Enjoy!]

Son #1: I really liked this trip.

We had a picnic lunch before we went to the visitor center. While we were eating lunch, Daddy read to us about the battle. The Creeks built a wall of dirt and logs that was 8 feet high. Jackson bombarded it for two hours without success.

Sons #1-3 take charge of a cannon at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park.At the visitor center,there was a big, blue cannon. We went around it, and I almost shot Daddy! Of course, the cannon was blocked up so nobody could fire it. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here to write this post!

William, Richard, and I all got to do Junior Ranger Programs. There were lots of activities in the little booklet they gave us. My favorite was Battlefield Bingo. You would go down the tour road and read the signs. They would give you information to fill in on the Bingo spaces. When you got five in a row, you won. When we got back to the station and showed the ranger our finished booklets,we got Junior Ranger Badges. Daddy even got us all national park passports.We got to cancel them by putting a stamp that had the name of the park we were visiting and the date of the visit. It was a fun trip. Bye for now.


Son #2: I really liked this trip, too. Edward, Richard, and I got to do Junior Ranger Programs!

There were two cannons. One was on Gun Hill, and the other one was next to the Visitors Center. The park is named after the curve in the river, making it look like a horseshoe.

Horseshoe Bend MarkerWow! The Indian barricade was 8 feet tall! Isn’t that tall? I think so, too. Did you know Andrew Jackson and his men bombarded the Indian barricade for 2 hours without any success? We were excited when we walked up the hill to the overlook. I accidentally fell down and hurt myself, leaving scabs on my back and a scrape on my arm. The barricade is no longer there, but in its place are white, small poles. From one end to the other, it was long.  It would go from the start to the end of the horseshoe! Of course they didn’t put enough poles to do that. They only did a small area.

There was a video that was 23 minutes long that told you about the battle. At one of the stops, there was a field where a village stood. At the other side was the river. Also, there was an island in the middle of the curve.

We had a fun day there. I hope that you will have a fun day to when you go there! Goodbye!

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