Two Weeks in Virginia without Breaking the Bank?

It’s that time of year: Spring Break, when students and families all over the country head for the beach or for Disney.

Piles Of Money by Talia Felix

Piles Of Money by Talia Felix

Even though I’m a university professor and our kids are home schooled, most years we haven’t done any traveling around spring break. The major reason is that I have usually taught at least one spring class that didn’t conform to the regular university calendar. As a result, I’ve had to stick around the campus to teach disgruntled students who were upset that they didn’t get the same week-long break their peers in the traditional calendar were getting.

This year, though, we’re making up for lost time.

This month we’re planning a seventeen-day trip to Virginia that will coincide with my university’s (one-week) spring break. I’ll still be teaching the whole two weeks, but my classes are nearly all online this semester. This trip will be an experiment to learn whether we can handle my workload and the kids’ schooling on the road. I expect to learn a lot!

Of course, we need a budget for this trip. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Lodging:             $650 (really!)

Transportation:   $450 (2,000 miles @ 15 miles/gallon)

Food:                  $300 (amount above what we’d normally spend at home)

Attractions:         $500 (resort fees, entry to historic sites)

Kids’ Money:       $100 (part of 2013 Christmas was giving the kids spending money for this trip)

Projected Total: $2,000

No doubt I am forgetting some things that will push this total higher, and I may be underestimating some of the listed items, too. But if our family of eight can pull off a 17-day trip for just over $100 per day, we’ll be well on our way to becoming proficient budget travelers.

What am I missing here?

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